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The following stories are real. We have changed the names and personal details to order protect our service users identities. 

We hope in giving you a glimpse into these real peoples lives this helps you to make an informed decision regarding what you want from your care provider. 

We hope to be the ones to take you on that journey.. 

Jess has been supported by us since 2016.  She was very much confined to her home and was very lonely.  Since then, we have given her a purpose in life.  She gets to watch her beloved Celtic on television. We even arranged for her to meet the team for a special birthday.  She still talks about it saying it was the best day of her life.  She now has a powered wheelchair which allows her to go out with support of her carers.  We know how much she loves pets, so we assisted her to buy her very own small pet which she cares for with the assistance and guidance of her carers.  She also has regular visits from a therapy dog.  Jess often has pamper days where she will have her hair and nails painted by her carers in her favourite colours.  Her latest goal is to be mobile enough so that she can go on holiday. We continue to help Jess achieve this goal..

Service User - Jess

John is in his late nineties and has no immediate family.  After failing to attend regular appointments with his podiatrist for many years this ultimately affected his mobility.  John enjoyed attending a social club but didn't seem to be aware of his appearance. Many of Johns household appliances were either broken or missing.  We assisted John to purchase white goods that he was desperately needing.  John’s house was deep cleaned, and a podiatrist was arranged to attend to his sore feet.  Companionship hours were organised to take John out to his favourite places, which allowed him to purchase new clothes.  The carers assisted John to purchase and prepare fresh food for his meals. Since then Johns wellbeing and mood has improved dramatically.  The centre John attends regularly have said that they had never seen him looking so good.  John has a new lease of life and takes a great deal of pride in his appearance.  Last Easter, we gave him sunflower seeds to plant which eventually grew so big that they were put into a wheelbarrow and grew to a height of around five foot and stood proudly at his front door.

Service User - John

Jim had been in hospital with colon problems following a mild stroke.  He was not able to swallow anything lumpy and all his meals pureed.  His previous company were coming in and out and not able to spend any time with him to allow him time to eat and drink.  As a consequence, Jim’s family were doing all the food preparation and meal rotation.  The family were spending time with him in his house as he did not have the confidence to go out. Jim had lost a lot of his core strength from being hospitalised and was unable to move around his own home.  The first time he went outside with his Zimmer, he fell quite badly and this knocked his confidence. Since we started providing support over 18 months ago, Jim has been getting much better. He uses his time with the carers to exercise in his house. Gradually with regular visits and good quality care and support, Jim’s wellbeing has increased and has began to go out more with his family at the weekends. Jim has become less dependant on carers making his food and drink and is now able to prepare these at times that suit him.  Jim can now eat whole foods without the need of them being pureed. Now Jim can get out and about as much as he wants.  So much so, he has even reignited a passion for dancing at his local club.

Service User - Jim

Claire’s journey started with us in 2014.  At this time, she had very low self-esteem.  Her MS stopped her carrying out tasks around the house.  Claire agreed goals with her carers to declutter her home.  Right away we began to see how much that meant to her.  She started to not only smile but laugh again.  From then small goals were set to get her out the house to look after herself.  She began to attend appointments and took a huge step by enrolling in exercise classes.  As the months and years have gone by Claire has grown from strength to strength.  Her biggest milestone to date is going on a holiday with family without support.  Claire continues to challenge herself and is now revisiting an old hobby, which she really enjoys. We are bursting with pride at how much Claire has achieved and we love hearing what she is planning on achieving next.

Service User - Claire

Mary was admitted into hospital in 2019 having had a stroke and then heart failure.  She was very poorly and nearly died.  Shortly after this, she was transferred to a care home and a public guardian was appointed.  Mary was very low as she did not get on with any of the other residents in the home as most of them were on a dementia journey.  Mary was eventually able to discharge herself from the care home in January 2020. Despite her mobility and general health were not the best, she returned to her family home. We assisted Mary with all her needs and ensured she had fresh foods prepaired daily. We also assisted her in making her house feel more like her home again. Mary began to exercise every day and started to take an active interest in her surroundings.  She was also given companionship support to allow her to get out and about in the fresh air explore new places. Mary is a keen gardener but due to her mobility issues her garden needed some TLC.  Mary and her carers worked on this little by little until it was back to its former glory in no time.  Mary’s wellbeing and confidence has vastly improved.  She continues to enjoy being independent and living at home where she now feels safe and secure.

Service User - Mary

When Agnes had a nasty fall, she ended up in hospital. Her mobility and independence was severely affected as a result. As this was during the COVID lockdown, Agnes’s daughter moved in and stayed with her, preparing all her food and her medication.  When we started supporting Agnes with her personal care needs this gave more and more respite to her daughter who eventually moved back to her own home. Agnes is now able to take her own medication and make her own breakfast.  Carer’s were able to prompt Agnes to go for short walks around the garden twice a day to feed the birds.  Agnes’s confidence has improved so much that she is now going out with her friends and is very independent and sociable.

Service User - Agnes

Margaret started to receive social support from us in February 2023. Margaret is a lovely, bubbly, and positive person. Margaret has mild cerebral palsy and has been registered blind from a very young age. Before COVID Margaret lived a relatively independent life and was heavily involved in her many local musical groups. Margaret had a bad fall which resulted in her losing the ability to go out on her own. She lost her confidence and independence. Margaret became very isolated in her own home and relied on her family.

Margaret has social support each week and has focused on rebuilding her trust and confidence. She does not waste a minute of this time and makes plans to do everything she likes to do.

Margaret with support now does her food shopping and can now buy presents for her family herself, this is a great source of pleasure to Margaret as she has a very close-knit family. Margaret enjoys trips to local parks and garden centres and enjoys a wee lunch out sometimes. Margaret can’t wait for the better weather so her and her carer can take day trips to the coast. I speak to Margaret regularly and she tells me how much her and carer have in common, “it’s just like going out for the day with a good friend”. Margaret looks like a new woman, she looks forward to her visits with her carer each week and is often waiting at the door with her coat and bag, ready to get out straight away and seize the day.

Service User - Margaret

We have been supporting William with social support since January 2023. William lives with his wife and son. William’s wife lives with dementia and is also supported by us. Due to her progressing dementia and Williams’s health declining, their son was under an increasing amount of pressure and has been unable to take his dad out due to the needs of his mum. William is supported twice a week which we have ensured this coincides with the times of his wife’s support.

William has been enjoying getting back into the local community with his carer. They go to William’s local church which he has missed attending for a long time. William loves to have a walk round the supermarkets checking out the prices of fancy bottles of whisky and has been known to treat himself now and again. When I chatted with William, he told me how well he is getting on with his carer, he said I wish I’d had him in my life a long time ago!

Service User - William

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