Young People in transition

Leaving school, is a big milestone in every young person’s life. It can be an exciting time but also a time of uncertainty as there are lots of options to think about and decisions to make about what to do next.  We value the knowledge which families bring to the transition process and ensure that they, together with the young person, always remain at the heart of any decisions about future support and lifestyle choices. We listen carefully to find out what will work best for them and focus on outcomes, to ensure we provide support in ways that give people real choice and control. Our transitions support is focused on encouraging independence, developing skills and building relationships in the Glasgow, East and West Dunbartonshire areas. This can include:


  • support to access recreational, sports and leisure pursuits in the local community

  • support to develop daily living skills related to managing finances and budgeting, household tasks, meal preparation etc. 

  • support with personal development skills including personal safety, health and well being, and social skills​,

  • opportunities for meeting people and developing relationships and connections