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How it all began

We know how hard life's journey can be that's why we are passionate about delivering you a personalised service that's right for you.

Our journey began in 2013 when Alltogether Care was formed by my family who had over 20 years’ experience in Care and Finance. I joined, the company later that year having an HR & Management background.  Together we had one common goal and that was to deliver a support service that would not only allow people to remain in their own home but make their life better by going that extra mile for every single person we supported.


Alltogether, we created a plan on how this company could be different.



Our journey started by supporting elderly people, then adults with sensory and physical disabilities and lastly adults with learning disabilities.  Taking our time allowed us to focus on training, getting to know every single person that we supported and creating personal support plans that were tailored to each individual. We have had the privilege of making life changing differences to many service users lives.


We created our PEOPLE, PRIDE and PASSION ethos to put our values in simple terms because we care about the people we support; we have pride in our staff and the services they deliver, and we are passionate about the support we provide and strive to be the best at what we do. 


Every day for us is a learning day as we continue to “think outside the box” to create a team that gives outstanding care and support.



From day one we let our carers know that without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. We have supervisors that work closely with their service users and teams in the community.  Our staff have all went through a robust recruitment process and during their journey they have opportunities to develop in their role and gain a recognised qualification in Care. Most of our supervisors have been promoted from within for their excellent care and support they have given in the community.


We want to be part of your journey and to be able to help you stay in your home.  We want to know the smallest of things that are important to you like how you like your tea made, 2 sugars and then a little drop of milk.  We want to be able to help you achieve any goals that you set for yourself like getting out to go to a garden centre.  Everything we do is to support you.  We will build our staff teams, training and daily activities around you. 


Lets start your journey, Alltogether


"When we recruit experience is not our top priority. We have a training academy that will provide the skills and knowledge needed for the role. Our priority is for our team to have a kind, caring and compassionate nature with a huge heart" 


Meet Your Office Team

OPERATIONAL-Laureen Preston.jpg

Laureen Kelly

Managing Director


Donna Smith

Quality and Development Manager

Nicole Mackay (2).jpg

Nicole Mackay

Human Resources Manager


Justin Rusk



Margaret Graham

Finance Manager

Sophie Clark.png

Sophie Clark

Recruitment Officer

Meet Your Care Team


Rachael Dow

Care Manager

Roisin Anderson.png

Roisin Anderson


Elizabeth Cassidy.png

Liz Cassidy

Monitoring Officer

Emma Friar.jpg

Emma Friar


Tracey Lister Photo 2.png

Tracey Lister


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